The creditSUN loan experts ensure that you receive your desired loan quickly and unbureaucratically – guaranteed without upfront costs. Advantages and disadvantages of a Swiss loan. No matter whether for a high-quality car, a house, a yacht, a trip around the world or whatever, with a 50,000 euro loan. You do not pay any fees for the loan request and offer preparation, nor for the credit check or other services. Like any loan, even if provided by a reputable lender, a loan carries both risks and rewards. If you want to modernize your house or buy a house, you can apply for a EUR 80,000 loan.

We do not charge you any preliminary costs. If you want to take out a Swiss loan, you should consider the following aspects. As it is. Even if there is no credit transaction, we do not charge you any fees – guaranteed! Advantages. If you want to take out a loan for 100,000 euros, you usually have big wishes or dreams, which you can then use.

Send us your loan request online now. No earmarking. At the car bank or the house bank, as a self-employed applicant, you do not always come across approval in credit matters. We’ll take care of everything else – guaranteed without upfront costs. This means that the loan can theoretically be used for anything. But must. Why can we give you a Swiss loan despite Schufa?

Schufa-free credit. You don’t want to pay more than necessary for your car loan and are looking for an offer that comes with low interest rates for one. An unpaid invoice, a missed installment payment – anyone who does not act directly and, for example, contradicts a wrong invoice, quickly has a negative Schufa entry. Such a loan has no effect on your creditworthiness, because if it is approved, it will not be reported to the Schufa.

Are you a civil servant or civil servant and want to apply for a cheap loan? Then the civil servant loan is just right. This can be a real obstacle in many areas of life. Negative features remain undetected. Studying is expensive. Whether you want to apply for a normal installment loan, rent a new apartment or buy a new car – the negative Schufa entry quickly throws a spanner in the works. Because Swiss banks do not have a credit check in the sense of a Schufa check, negative entries in the credit report have no effect.

Semester fees, purchase costs for books and high accommodation and living costs in university cities mean that students often spend a long time. Because the negative Schufa is always a signal for poor payment behavior and / or poor creditworthiness. Disadvantage. Blitzkredit, many understand this to be the quick online loan help. Many banks in Germany do not even bother to look "behind the scenes" and find out what the background of the negative Schufa entry is or what the applicant is doing financially.

Not suitable for rescheduling. But what exactly is behind it? What lightning loan experience do applicants have? . We know from our own experience that many people have wrongly received a negative Schufa entry and are quite able to reliably repay a loan. In most cases, such loans are associated with high interest rates, which is why they are not suitable for rescheduling. What characterizes an express loan? The most important features for an express loan are quick payouts and online application.

We do not immediately reject you because of a negative characteristic, but instead give each applicant a chance at the desired loan. Proof of income is mandatory. The providers. That is why our credit managers examine loans for poor credit each applicant individually and with the necessary care. Since the Swiss banks do not carry out a Schufa check, they have to check and minimize a high risk of default through other collateral. Basically, a corporate loan is similar to financing for private individuals.

This is the only way we can get an idea of ​​the overall financial situation of our (potential) customers. Black sheep. You need to apply for the loan, prove your credit rating and. It goes without saying that we treat all information relating to the loan application discreetly and confidentially. Unfortunately, people who are in financial difficulties are often very susceptible to dubious promises. Every loan request is related to an examination by the Schufa.

For people with negative credit bureau, who can be financed according to our examination, we always weigh different financing alternatives and recommend the loan that is most advantageous for the applicant. Accordingly, there are many dubious providers, especially in the area of ​​loans without private credit, who want to earn money with the suffering of people. There are exceptions, especially for small problems. This can be the Swiss loan, or an alternative loan despite Schufa, which is even granted occasionally by banks in Germany. Longer waiting times.

A freely usable installment loan that is offered by banks or savings banks is a consumer loan. Good to know! Due to the comprehensive examination of the collateral, the application process and the disbursement of the loan can take longer than in Germany. The borrower can buy anything he can. Our loan offers are just as different as the requirements and wishes of our customers are. High risk of over-indebtedness. In most of the apprenticeships, the training allowance is extremely low.

Every loan offer has advantages, but can also be associated with disadvantages. The credit check is also there to protect private individuals from over-indebtedness. Financial jumps are hardly possible, so a loan as a. A Swiss loan is not always necessary. Since there is no check for these loans and the loan is not included in the Schufa file, the possibility of becoming over-indebted as a consumer increases. Are you looking for a loan for the unemployed? With unemployment benefit I or with basic security through Hartz IV? Think of one.

If another loan offer makes more sense, we will let our customers know – quite openly and honestly. Which Swiss loan is reputable? Retirees finally have the time to fulfill long-awaited wishes and dreams, for example to travel and see the world. In many cases, our customers have opted for an alternative loan program (with Schufa). There is no general answer to this question.

Whether it’s car finance, home loan, or consumer credit, many people don’t have enough cash to make the purchases. We treat every customer fairly and recommend the loan that suits you best – with or without Schufa. The demand for loans without private credit is great, which is why there are many different providers in this area. If . Important information about Swiss credit. Unfortunately, there are also those who want to capitalize on a possible financial distress of the borrower among these providers. When it comes to taking out a loan with no income, it is the bank’s job to rate the creditworthiness.

Discreet and without earmarking The Swiss loan can be used flexibly – whether for a new purchase, a dispo replacement or a rescheduling. This means that many different experience reports can be found on the Internet. Based . You alone decide what you want to use the money for.

To spot dubious loan providers, scammers and loan sharks, you should take these tips to heart: If you are looking for a loan without Schufa information on the Internet, many will open up to your view in a timely manner, at first. Since no Schufa information is obtained for Swiss loans, nor is the loan request and payment reported to Schufa, borrowers benefit from absolute discretion with Swiss loans. If a placement fee or other fees are charged before the loan is concluded, you should refrain from using this provider. Does a bank grant a loan without interest or is it only possible through a personal loan that is within the family or within the family. The Swiss loan is completely creditworthy.

A serious loan without Schufa is always offered without upfront costs. When you find yourself in bankruptcy proceedings, you will have a very difficult time getting a loan despite bankruptcy. Neither the Schufa nor the employer nor the house bank will find out about your Swiss loan. Credit intermediaries receive a commission from the credit institutions. All income,. Therefore, Swiss loans are particularly suitable as small "side loans" – they have no influence on current credit lines. # 2 – Loan approval is paired. With most banks, the chances for self-employed borrowers are bad.

Credit check without Schufa information As part of the credit check, Schufa information is dispensed with. If the approval of the loan is linked to the purchase of other products, you should look for another provider.


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